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Art Journaling Workshop

Caitlin Sherwood, artist, gave two workshops at the Sandy Spring Museum on Art Journaling, one to a mixed age group and one to an older group. Her process is to first write a journal entry and then to paint the page, often painting over the writing. The writing gets her started and then she uses many different kinds of paint, markers, collage, markers, glitter, to fashion an art journal entry that seems real to her for that day. She tries to do at least one page a day.

She gave the students several pages to work on and provided paints, glue, old magazines and old books from thrift stores from which to cut pictures for collages.

Students, young and old, commented that they liked the freedom and would try to contine with art journaling at home.

Creativity at Sandy Spring Museum


Sandy Spring Museum and Friends House are sponsoring a series of workshops on finding your creative spark that are open to all ages.

Explore Intergenerational Creativity!

Four New Community-based Pilot Workshops, Fall 2015

Wednesday 9/16 Writing Your Way –Instructor Melanie Griffin –A writer, environmental activist, blogger, spiritual director, pastor, Melanie will lead a workshop from 3-4:30PM at the Museum.

Thursday 9/17 Interviewing for Storytelling- Instructor Mike Clark A retired news reporter for the Baltimore Sun, and co-publisher of the Little Patuxent Review, Mike is a Quaker and a poet. Workshop from 3-4:30PM at the Museum. He will interview Beth Garrettson of Sandy Spring Quaker Meeting.

Thursday 9/24 Discover Art Journaling- Instructor Caitlin Sherwood, A Corcoran trained fine artist, Cait is a painter, printmaker, and musician who is passionate about Art Journaling. Workshop from 3-4:30PM at the Museum.

Saturday October 10/24 Intergenerational Improv with Instructor Bridget Cavaiola – Education Director for the Baltimore Improv Group (BIG), Bridget is a Maryland Teaching Artist for Young Audiences and communications professor at CCBC. She has been performing and teaching adults and children since 2005. This Saturday morning workshop is from10AM-12PM.

For more information and to register contact:
Carol Cober, ccober4@gmail.com, 240-418-5603 Joan Liversidge, jrlivers@earthlink.net, or Deborah Kahn, dmckahn@gmail.com.

Service Learning Hours (SSL) are available for youth who participate.