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Technology is often daunting if not frightening to seniors. Where can they go to get more information? How can they learn about it?

A computer is a tool that most kids learned how to use when they were very young and most elders did not have much reason to use. New tools are sometimes hard to get used to. While learning one can feel very very clumsy which can become a stumbling block. Its hard to remember that feeling clumsy at first is normal. At a certain point the clumsiness stops and it begins to be comfortable and fun.

All you need is someone to teach you who is patient and willing to repeat things over and over again. Here’s a link to a site with a film about a group of elders who teamed up with some kids to learn how to use the computer. It took a while but they ended up having a lot of fun!

Click here to go to the CyberSeniors project!