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Alexander Technique helps balance



Robin Gilmore of Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studios taught two different Alexander Technique workshops at Friends House with the help of Peter Legowski of Sandy Spring Friends Meeting.  Robin, using her little friend, the skeleton, “Alex”, showed the participants how to get up out of a chair more easily, and how to feel more confident about  balance whether needing to use helps like walking with a cane or walker or able to walk without aid.  Both workshops were well attended and more are in the planning stages.

The Alexander Technique has been in use since the late 1800’s and aims to increase efficiency and mobility in any activity.    It was invented by F. M. Alexander and is a process of learning to be aware of the way you move and ways you could move better by unlearning old habits of movement that are no longer or were never effective.   The method is used by performers, athletes, musicians and dancers.  It also helps with symptoms of chronic fatigue and tension, the result of tension at work and in daily life.  As Robins says, “We can regain our inherent buoyancy and think on our feet as we respond to whatever comes our way.”

Robin Gilmore is a dancer who learned the Alexander Technique to help her dance healthily.  She is a Teaching Artist for the Maryland State Arts Council and VSA Arts.  She has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1986 and runs a Teacher Training program in Greensboro, NC.  She is the author of a book, “What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body“.  Pete Legowski is currently attending the Teacher Training program.

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