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This page will have news and tips for caregivers.

Alzheimers Caregiving

Here’s a page with many tips for people giving care to people with Alzheimers.  Click here to access the page.

Family Caregiving

Click to access Family and home caregiving resources from AARP

Getting Paid-For Caregiving

Click to access How to find paid help for caregiving

Caregiver Do’s and Don’ts for new caregivers

Click to access 8 rules for new caregivers 

Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council – click on the service name

National Family Caregiver Support Program – info on available services, assistance locating resources, financial assistance for respite care, education and supplemental services.

Maryland Access Point (MAP) – a gateway for older adults and those with disabilities. Info and assistance to allow one to stay in one’s home and plan for future needs.  State partners include MD Dept of Aging, Disabilities & Health & Mental Hygiene, also Centers for Independent Living.

MD Technology Assistance Program – helps families get assistive technologies such as wheelchairs, adapted technologies, ramps and other home modifications.

Office of Adult Services Respite Care Program – provides a break to family caregivers, caring for an adult or child with disability or chronic health need.