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Janet and Ollie’s wedding!

There is a season – Turn, Turn, Turn
And a time for every purpose, under heaven
Pete Seeger’s adaptation of the biblical passage Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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This was a season for new love, deepening commitment, and community in Sandy Spring.
At Friends House – a community of older adults who live, laugh, love and cry together – we are blessed frequently by the out breaking of the Spirit at times of joy, and in times of sorrow. The events leading up to and including the wedding of Janet Riley and Ollie Moles on September 12 was a time of great JOY, where the milk and honey flowed throughout this community and touched the lives of many, here and far away.

Janet and Ollie reconnected after having known each other for many years. The friendship blossomed into a deeper love and a desire to commit to each other to live together in marriage for their remaining years. The two families, who also have known each other for years, joined in this commitment and celebrated the joining together of their parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle. Friends, both near and far, created a network of Love and Care that wove threads of support and care.

Married under the care of two Friends (Quaker) Meetings (Sandy Spring and Langley Hill), these communities provided ongoing Spiritual support and practical support by creating teams of Friends who catered a rehearsal dinner/celebration on Friday evening and then a reception after the worship in which the marriage service was conducted on Saturday. Here at Friends House and at Sandy Spring Friends School, food was prepared in the kitchens, hospitality was provided to family members and friends for several days before and after the wedding, flowers were arranged and delivered, tents were put up and tables, chairs, tablecloths were assembled, and even ironing boards, irons and sewing machines were rounded up for last minute preparations.

Our street, Quaker Knoll Road in Sandy Spring, became Wedding Central, as family and friends moved back and forth between cottages, getting to know one another, making wedding preparations, and celebrating this NEW SEASON of LOVE between Ollie and Janet. This was a community – an intergenerational community – coming together in a season of Love. It was a time to gather stones together, a time to build up, a time to laugh. For us it was a time that a little piece of heaven was here on Earth.

May we all be Blessed with times under heaven in our lives here on earth.
Joan Dyer Liversidge for Aging Well with Friends