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the final frontier


Wellness – Strategies to stay Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit

Local Resources for Staying Healthy
Montgomery County MD Health Services – Senior Services
Mental Health Services
Adult Dental Services
Home care/In home aide services

Exercise and physical activies
– local yoga studios
Blueberry Gardens – regular and gentle yoga, also acupuncture, reiki, massage
YinYangYoga  – regular & aerial yoga, acupuncture, massage, etc.
The Happy Yogi – classes in Olney and Fulton
– local senior exercise programs
Senior Sneakers
Senior Fit and Exercise

mental health resources, local yoga teachers, help with finances, home assistance, all the stuff in the resource corner that Margaret Easter did

Body/Mind/Spirit subtopics

Resources on Aging Well
Taking care of the Mind
Taking Care of the Spiritual Dimensions
Getting ready for the final journey