Guidelines for Aging Well with Friends Blog Writers

This website is always looking for fresh new material and insights from people of all ages who are committed to our mission. We offer frequent workshops that foster connection between the generations. If you wish to submit to the community blog just attend one of our workshops to learn how to submit to our shared community blog or contact the AWWF staff at either: or for more information.


Blog posts should have short introductions and pictures, audio or video  if possible (see guidelines for pictures and other media below).  Speak in your own voice, and keep the content active.  If possible include links to other websites or pages on this website.  What appeals to you about the subject of your blog?  Think about it, write it, view it, and enjoy the process.

Remember that a blog reader may have found you by surfing the web, and is like a driver on a highway, often just stopping for a second while on the way to somewhere else..  How can you get their attention and get them to think about looking around at other posts or even think about attending an Aging Well With Friends event?

Pictures and other Media

If you wish to include pictures and other media in your blog, make sure you have permission to use them.  You should include a short note about permissions whenever you submit a post.

If someone doesn’t want their picture on the web, don’t use the picture. People have a right to privacy and even if the picture is a stunner, the best you’ve ever taken, you can’t post it if the person pictured doesn’t want you to.

If you use stock photos or someone else’s photos make sure they are OK with you posting their pictures.  The same goes for audio and video. There are many stock photos that you can get for a price and are usually OK to use on a website like this one.  However no one wants their work stolen or used without permission as that can be an infringement of copyright or intellectual property laws.

Take or borrow all the pictures or other media that you want, but make sure you have permission to use them.