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Tridelphia Reservoir
Tridelphia Reservoir

HELLO, we have many resources we want to add to this website.  Stay tuned as we continue to add resources and content.  Check out our posts about AWWF events.  

What is Aging Well with Friends (AWWF)?

AGING WELL WITH FRIENDS is a group of people from all generations committed to living well and creatively throughout their life span and working to foster intergenerational connections across  within the Sandy Spring, Ashton and Olney, MD communities.

What is AWWF’s Vision?

Our primary focus is on building and strengthening an intergenerational  community that fosters living  collaboratively as active citizens of the Sandy Spring/Ashton/Olney/Brookeville communities.

We began with the  community at Friends House that includes affordable and market rate housing with sustainable practices and designs conducive to independent living as active, continuing learners, and contributors in a supportive, cohesive community in the Sandy Spring/Ashton area.

What is AWWF’s Mission?

Our mission is to strengthen connections between the generations and invite new  partnerships and resources that support independent living.  We promote Quaker values of inclusiveness, Individual dignity, Independence.  Our programs foster group interconnections, support for vulnerability, community-wide responsibility, simplicity, and continual lifelong learning.

AWWF was started by Quakers but is not limited to Quakers. Membership or attendance at the school or the Meeting is not a prerequisite.