About Us


To promote connections that foster rich and healthy aging for the Greater Sandy Spring community.


We envision a community in which:

  • Seniors are secure in their foundational needs and free to pursue higher needs
  • A culture of caring and purpose is woven into the fabric of the greater community
  • Friends House is a wellness hub for the community, bringing resources in and engaging with people of all ages

This project developed as part of a grant project at Friends House, a retirement community in Sandy Spring.  As part of the grant there was also collaboration with Sandy Spring Quaker Meeting, the Sandy Spring Friends School and the Sandy Spring Museum.  Other groups were also of help including Olney Home for Life.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to help elders feel included and actively involved in the world. Soon the children of this world will be faced with a larger aging population than has ever been seen in the world before.  How can we help each other?  How can we foster a community that welcomes insights and promotes creative exchange? We want to become the kind of village where the entries to and the exits from life are cared for and celebrated.